All transportation must be pre-arranged, which can be done by completing the form below. 
All transportation can be “shared ride” which means that you may be riding with other people traveling around the same time as you are.
1) The ARRIVAL DATE is the day that your plane lands at the airport, NOT the day that it takes off!
2) All transportation is subject to availability… SO RESERVE YOUR SEAT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, or we may not be able to accommodate you!
3) Your driver will track the arrival of your final flight, so you do not need to contact us if it is delayed. But, if you miss a connecting flight, or you will NOT be on the flight number that you gave to us, you must notify us ASAP!


Telephone: 1 (216) 770-3360

REMINDER… The student/parent must also submit the appropriate Orah request!


Great! Proceed with your reservation

Please process your request IMMEDIATELY!

Remember, the Student Life Office must give final approval of all Orah requests before a student's departure!

Upon arrival at CAK, follow the signs to your baggage claim (turn right at the end of the concourse), do NOT go straight outside! Wait for your driver at the last door of the baggage area. 


Upon arrival at CLE, gather your luggage and wait for your driver at the Information Counter near the center of the airport on the BAGGAGE level.


Upon arrival at DTW, after you have cleared Customs & Immigration procedures, and have your luggage... TURN on your cell phone, your driver will have texted you his number. Go to the exit door nearest the International arrivals exit and text your driver that you are ready to be picked up. The driver will then pick you up curbside.

Note: Do not go to the commercial side where the taxis, buses, etc are at!

Click on the "Submit Request" button below, and have a pleasant trip!